Studio 72 is a small fitness studio dedicated to self improvement and strength and conditioning.

I (Tim Ross) graduated Massey University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Sport and Exercise with an Exercise Prescription and Training Major.

I have a strong passion for fitness, in particular building lean muscle tissue and cutting body fat. I highly advocate efficacy of movement and have used my knowledge of the body to improve my posture and correct muscle imbalances which were leading to stiffness and pain. Over the past two years I have added approximately 20kg of muscle to my body while keeping body fat constant, and love helping other people achieve similar results. I have also been heavily involved with the sport of boxing, and have improved my sporting performance markedly through my specialized conditioning.

My major areas of focus include sport specific conditioning, weight loss and muscle growth, and rehabilitative exercise for improving muscular balance and improving whole body efficacy of movement.

I also have experience in dealing with clients of special populations, for instance those with serious illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and morbid obesity.

When you choose to train with Studio 72, you will not just be making a change for the better during your training sessions, but outside them as well. All our packages come with dietary, sleep, and general health advice which you can apply in all areas of your life to help facilitate a lasting change and heightened well-being.

Studio 72 differs from commercial gyms in that it is a private personal training studio, which is great for people starting out who may find large commercial gyms intimidating. We are located in Khandallah suburbs, and is open early until late, ideal for those who have work commitments and are also looking to improve their fitness levels!

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